Corporate Communications Exclusive Image Bank - 5 Year Buyout


Discovery Health is a medical insurance.


An image bank for all corporate communication needs of the brand that would be able to communicate effectively and relatably to different target groups across varied demographics relevant to the product offerings of the client.
To equip the client's agency with a large number of images with high production value that would be relevant and effective for all communication purposes.
Images that would aid in brand building, brand identity, brand affinity and loyalty.
Images that feel authentic of relevant., relatable people living life to the full and sharing special moments was key to the successful execution of this brief.


To maximize on value and aid brand affinity and loyalty MWP's approach was to create an image bank that would be able to tell stories which would connect the consumer through the many different touch points through which they engage with the product range.
Images that were obviously connected through the story it told, but varied and also able to be impactful and emotive while utilised as stand-alone images.


    + Logistics
    + Location Scouting
    + Prep
    + Casting
    + Planning
    + Crew sourcing and booking
    + Props and Wardrobe sourcing

Production and Shoot
    + Production
    + Directing
    + Photography

• Post-Production
    + Photo Editing
    + Color Grade
    + Compositing

Creative Concept

Real moment lifestyle content of people living their best lives and sharing special moments with special people.

Image Bank Shoot

Every visual tool available was utilized to it's maximum to fascilitate the client's outcome of varied emotive imagery:
- Clever use of light
- Leveraging a wide array of commercial photographic equipment
- Skill in directing performance natural performance
In order to bring to life the image library that would form the base of all the client's corporate communication needs.


- Pitching and quoting – over the period of 4 weeks
- Pre-production and production – 3 weeks
- Shoot – 2 weeks
- The post-production process of selections and editing – 2 weeks.


- The project was affected over an 8 extended-day shoot
- Across 2 cities at varied locations.
- The casting of 34 cast members, including children, family members, young adults, and older more professional-looking models were handled by the MWP casting team across the 2 cities.
- A stylist team, and hair and make-up artist team ensured that the creative brief was followed to the letter.

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